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The qualitative design of the online store is a competent combination of the aesthetic and functional component of the Internet resource. Intuitive understanding of navigation, accessibility of information, pleasant design, which will detain a visitor on the site and make you buy a product / service, plays a decisive role in the development.

The price is negotiated individually with each client, depending on the complexity of the work.


The site can be compared to sculpture. The work of the master over it is over, when nothing is superfluous. We use discreet tones, regular shapes, large print, which is easy to read. Web design of the online store does not "strain" the buyer.


We are open to everything new. Classical tricks in combination with non-standard solutions make the resource universal. Despite the changes that occur on the Internet, the design of the site to order will always be relevant.


The functional part of the resource is of great importance. Design for an online store can be original, memorable, but if it is intuitively incomprehensible to the user, your site will not sell. Maximum simplicity and minimalism, free movement on the site, understanding of the client of where the information is necessary for him and how to find it, motivate the buyer to make an order.



Formation of a loyal interested audience


Improving the reputation of the company outside the site


Increase brand awareness on the network


Attract potential buyers


Thematic line of the site is of great importance. It determines the target audience and the number of orders. However, if you miss this moment, the only thing that you can attract a buyer is the selling design of the online store. It determines how much:


the resource is remembered;


it is convenient to interact with the system;


the appearance of the resource is attractive.

Often when developing the design of an online store, the customer wants to have something in the interface that causes admiration of the visitor. An unusual detail is good. However, from the point of view of ergonomics, about 90% of innovations do not bring the desired result.

If you decide to order an online store design that will work, we will discuss the details necessary in your opinion on the site, evaluate the reality of their implementation, relevance. If the expediency of the element is questionable, designers will suggest a more suitable variant of design.



Design your own online store website with Webcorelab

Development of design for online store

The design of the online store has a direct impact on its sales. Users claim that on a site without a design or with a primitive option, they would not order anything. As immediately there is the impression that: the resource is abandoned, one-day for divorce for money, poor-quality products - nobody orders it. Otherwise, why can not owners afford modern page design?

It was - it became

The modern user, coming to the site, grabs three seconds to visually evaluate the layout of the page in three dimensions:


general impression - like colors and graphics or not;

understand the main topic of the resource;

usability factors - how convenient it will be to work with it.

Evaluate and decide whether to use the services offered or to look further for a more trustable resource.


Here is a banal example: the design of the online store is made in the style of 2000: standard navigation (stretched bar with buttons "home", "catalog" and, at best, "contacts"), a thematic picture in the header of the site, smart or beautiful inscription, which hints, but does not directly say - where you got. Do you remember this? So it can be expressed - the dinosaur era of online shopping, when one standard template was used in all areas of the Internet: from blogs to commercial sites.


Today, the user does not forgive this design. Since the competition in the network is dense - there is nothing to prevent finding a resource more pleasantly to look at, so that flashing icons, incongruous colors or a clumsy card of the goods does not irritate your appearance.


So, if you want to make your business competitive and profitable on the Internet - it's time to abandon the template solutions and order the design of an online store from specialists.


The main components of the design

Today, there are specific requirements, without which the development of the design of the store on the Internet will be frankly disastrous:


Thematic design. Getting on your resource the user at a glance should understand why he got here and what to do next;

Color restraint: 3 main and 3 additional.

Nothing extra. Minimalism is not for nothing in the trend - nothing should distract the visitor from the purchase, but, on the contrary, confidently carry it from the goods to the basket.

Convenience. Or as it is called - usability. The user should be comfortable, clear and easy. Do not make him think.

You may think that you have come up with the best web design of an online store, which quickly breaks into the leaders of the online market. However, if it does not meet all the requirements above - the chances of success are extremely small.


Types of design for the store

In general, the design for online stores obeys the general standards of web-design and can vary in style, for example: minimalism, glam, classic, retro, etc. In the commercial aspect, they can be divided into three categories:


The seller.




The selling design of the online store is the most complicated type and requires a comprehensive solution from the marketer, designer, copywriter and programmer. The first creates a page structure: the location of the selling and text blocks, the placement architectonics. The designer is engaged in design in a similar selling style. The copywriter is engaged in filling blocks with selling texts and attracting headlines. The programmer decides the question of uniting everything and seeks the optimal solution for it to work.


The second in complexity is a unique design for an online store. Suitable for creating an original and competitive product. The best solution for the realization of atypical goods, to emphasize the "zest". It has a unique style, placement of blocks and an individual approach.


Designing an online store in a template style is a popular but less effective way to win the market from competitors. The thing is that it is based on previously developed schemes. The template variant takes less time to implement, but it is not necessary to wait for the original solution, as the functionality and capabilities are limited.


Who to entrust the implementation of design for their store

There are many proposals on the web-design market. You can order the design of an online store for a small fee from a freelancer, however, this is the most unpredictable result. Firstly, few of the employees on the remote offer contract signing. Secondly - you are not protected from poor-quality work or even the disappearance of the executor after an advance payment.


WebCoreLab offers a middle way for the price, quality and guarantees. We are recommended by customers, because:


We conclude an official contract, where all the obligations that protect your money and our reputation are registered.

We attract experienced employees.

A complex approach. Marketers, designers, copywriters, programmers, layout designers, testers and many others will work on the project.

Loyal price policy. because we can at an affordable price to develop a design store.

We implement complex selling designs and simple temporary solutions. If you need a quality, practical and trendy option - we are waiting for your call. And soon you will be able to assess all the benefits of cooperation with our agency.