Applications for the Android platform - an easy way to communicate with the client



Development of apps for android by professionals

Development of mobile applications on the Android platform

Do you want to stay in touch with the client without making any extra effort? Order an Android app - it's a great way to inform the target audience about everything that happens in your company.

The global community of Internet users is growing every day, and what seemed impossible yesterday is becoming reality. Developing mobile applications for Android - it's profitable. It opens a lot of opportunities:

increase profits and increase sales;
representation in the market of novelties of the company;
formation of a positive attitude of users to the product / service;
advertising the product.

More than half Internet users goes to the worldwide network using a telephone. The creation of applications for Android will allow you to sell goods or services abroad, most importantly - a responsible approach and thinking about even the smallest details in the development.

Stages of creation

Developing Android apps is a time-consuming process.

Specialists of the company:

Analyze the market, offers of competitors, the target audience of the product / service. The objectives that the customer wants to achieve are investigated. The list of audience needs is worked out and its value for existing and potential customers is determined.
Write a technical assignment, develop a prototype. Creating a mobile application for Android provides a discussion of all the details with the customer. We try to understand how you see the situation.
Examine the design. It depends on it whether the user will want to run the application again. It is important that the development of programs for Android" pursued the goal to create not only a maximally simple, intuitive in structure, but also a pleasant eye.
Develop an Android application, test it. All programs are designed "from scratch". There is a department of testers in the company that checks its work.
Launch the program and publish it on Google Play. After the final point is created in the creation, it becomes available for download.

The appeal to the one-day companies will reduce the cost of Android apps developing. However, think about whether it is worth wasting money, if then you have to order again?

What affects the cost

The price of development for Android will always be determined individually. However, in any case, you pay for the finished project, and not for the time spent on its creation. At the disposal of clients is more than five years of the company's experience in the field of creating a mobile Android apps and the staff of specialists, which is constantly expanding and developing.

The customer receives a documentary confirmation of obligations - all conditions are fixed in the contract.


will help to place the program in the market;
adjust the system of analytics;
will accompany the project after its creation.

More than 40 developed Android mobile apps - the best recommendation of the company.