The first daily goal is


Daily reviews

Daily updates

of unique media content (unique photos and videos related to the life of a company)

Work with comments

In addition to the feedbacks that related to live customers, we generate correctly


from our special accounts. We use accounts with the level of local experts at least 5 stars. All accounts are selected thus that they are targeted to the promoted location.


Working with questions with answers in the Google Business Account, we treat the same way, as to other valuable content, because even that content can be optimized for the promoted keys and location. In this job, we also use only the locally relevant accounts. Our general world database on Google profiles with local experts rating of 5+ has more than 300 accounts.


We work with tracking, thus hundreds of unique users save your business as the favorite place, share friends from their Google accounts and put tags on the card specially to your keys.


Working with reviews and ratings in citations, we are generating up to 100 unique reviews and 200+ reactions to companies in all "first level" business listings. And we also put the maximum "star ratings".



Google maps advertising campaign and support

To do this job, we also use only unique upgraded accounts.

For each GMB in the entire network of social profiles, we do more than one unique review made specially for the promoted keys and more then 20 unique reactions from the users of a current network.

As a result, Google receives dozens or sometimes even hundreds of signals about your business, so that activity gives the maximum priority in local marketing position in Google listing.

Working with external resources to increase the references for the main landing page.

Professionally optimized resource (company's landing page) with a good reference profile can take top places in the local marketing Google, even without any promotion.

According to the MOZ Local research, 20-25% of the total success in the local marketing position, is due to the trust and quality of links that guide to the main business website!

Our SEO managers every month make useful reviews related to your business, optimize them for SEO, and also place them to trust resources.

All of our donor reference databases have a DA at least 50+. We select only those resources whose ranking is oriented to your location.

Example of maximum value listing: -