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Imagine that just one page can sell more goods or services than a full-fledged website. Do you think this is impossible? Try to create a lending, the design of which will attract attention due to thoughtfulness and originality, and you will understand that everything is possible today!

The price is negotiated individually with each client, depending on the complexity of the work.


It so happened that a man is met with on clothes. This opinion is subjective and with time it changes, but the fact remains. The design of landings plays a huge role, and this is difficult to argue with. The visitor takes less than a second to form an impression of your resource. Are you ready to spoil it and order the design of the lending from the amators?


It is difficult to say which design of the landing will be more effective. There are cases when it is laconic design with simple shapes and clear lines worked perfectly. On the Internet you can find many examples of simple and beautiful sites. At the same time, even Google, Amazon, eBay made the redesign of their sites in favor of more modern versions. Conclusion - for some services and goods it is better to choose the original design, which will attract the attention of the consumer. This is especially true for goods that are sold massively.


Undoubtedly, the content and semantic load of the text on the page plays an important role. Then why so much effort is being made to make high-quality design of a Landing page? The answer is simple: information is perceived better only when it is supported graphically. Competent design of the landing helps to quickly perceive the content and does not distract from it, but draws attention to the main points



Designing a landing page gives a good leads on your website

Development of Landing Page Design

WebCoreLab makes single-page sites that really work. Customers turned to us increased the profit level by 50%. At the same time, attendance of their sites increased by 300%, and advertising costs decreased several times. We take on the whole process of creating and promoting, not just the design of landings.

The cost of the work depends on many factors, but it will always be reasonable. Before we announce the price, we discuss with you all the details. And only after agreeing on the specifics and filling out the brief, we announce the final amount.


We will develop an adaptive landing page that will be displayed equally correctly on each device and in any browser. This is guaranteed to increase attendance and sales.


The development takes only 2 weeks, and only 8 days after launch, it begins to pay off. Do not believe me? Check for yourself by ordering the design of Landing Page at WebCoreLab Studio!


Doing on the conscience

WebCoreLab has been working for more than 15 years. Our team has more than 100 people, and everyone here is in its place. We regularly follow all the novelties in the field of design and development, so we create sites that really sell. More than 500 customers are satisfied with the work of the web studio.


We are not afraid to experiment, we study a lot of information from different sources and draw inspiration even where it did not seem to be. WebCoreLab will help stand out from the crowd!



Often on the Internet, you can find statements that if your site looks as smart as the new BMW, people will think that the cost of the goods sold is equal to the price of the German car. In fact, this is not so.


It is better to immediately order a quality design of landings, the price of which will be slightly higher. Cheap design of the landing page can directly affect its effectiveness and reduce sales. To correct the situation, you have to overpay for re-registration of the landing, and this is additional costs that could be avoided.


A vivid example of a quality and effective landing page is the iPad tablet sales site. It looks expensive and is not typical for a regular gadget, even if made by a company so famous. At the same time, Apple's sales are at a consistently high level. Not the least role here is played by the design of the lending, which inspires confidence even to those who have never used the company's gadgets.