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Today, Facebook is a proven and reliable marketing platform for the world to promote business and promote the brand. More than 1 billion people in all countries and cities have their own unique page on the resource. The social network has become the most successful international group where you can communicate, establish business contacts, receive useful information, raise brand awareness and earnings.

6 qualities of

successful promotion on Facebook from WebCoreLab



Our specialists for 6 years of work in SMM have studied all the subtleties and nuances of promotion and advertising in this social network. We use proven methods and methods to promote brands and achieve their goals.



In addition to SMM-managers, project designers, marketers and project managers work on the project. The tactics of promotion, the style of the page, graphic accompaniment are being developed.



Various data collection systems are connected to monitor the progress of the promotion. Statistical reports allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion and adjust it if necessary.



Experts of agency WebCoreLab take in work both already ready projects, and orders for creation of page and its further promotion. In all cases, the client receives the analysis and conclusion of a specialist about optimizing an existing page or a plan for creating a new one.



We ordered the promotion of goods, brands, services and even the promotion of authority deputies and novice showmen. Our specialists have experience of promotion in completely different spheres of business, PR-promotion, immigration promotion, etc.



We work with all kinds of thematic, mobile and targeted ads on Facebook. SMM-managers optimize advertising costs, select thematic public spaces and sites to promote the project.



Improving the reputation of the company outside the site


Increase brand awareness on the network


Attract potential buyers

The results of our clients:

up to


increased the number of public and page subscribers

increased by


the number of visitors to the resource



month the first results were seen



increased the repeat sales



Advices how to use Facebook pages for business tips

Promotion and advertising on Facebook – pledge of recognition

At the beginning of the 2000th, Facebook began with a simple student network at Harvard University, later all American students could register. In 2006 FB reached a new level and became available to all users of the World Wide Web. After 10 years the audience of FB exceeded 1.71 billion people. Now the most popular social network in the world is suitable not only for communication and entertainment, but also for business.

We will try to understand such questions:

what is interesting about promoting on Facebook for companies / brands;
what is the target audience;
how to "move forward" on the network;
what is the cost of promotion.

Every year developers offer more opportunities for promotion and image support. And it must be used – to keep pace with the times.

FB-promotion for business

Famous politicians, public figures, athletes and celebrities have pages on the network. Official accounts register state institutions and representative offices. Even Google, YouTube, BMW, P&G and many other corporations have own profile on Facebook. But advertising on Facebook is interesting not only for corporations, but also for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. From a beginner hand-master who wants to untwist his crafts, before selling software applications. The main thing is social network – it is an operative reaction, communication with clients and expansion of the audience.

Millions of millions of people

On Facebook you can "reach out" to your target audience thanks to special targeting settings. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the FB audience includes:

1.71 billion people, and this number is growing;
more than 72% of all Internet users in the world;
the average age is 24-45 years;
more than half of registered people are women;

Here you can find your consumer – it can be a student, a mother or a banker. Most companies consider FB an important business platform. Despite the fact that the competition on this network is quite large, you can not ignore advancement on Facebook.

Pages or groups - which way to choose?


Practice shows that promoting a Facebook page is a more effective way to do business than promoting a group. If you are interested in increasing sales, then you need an account on this network and its competent promotion. The page will become your direct tool for communication with consumers, tracking reactions (likes, reposts) and increasing brand awareness.

Service "Promotion of the company on Facebook" through the creation of the page most often interested in representatives of various business areas. After all, the functionality of this network makes it possible to create effective advertising campaigns.


You ask: what about the community? The service "Promotion of the group on Facebook" is less popular among businesses. Communities, first of all, unite people for specific interests and are used as a platform for discussion or simply exchange of information. This is a good way to maintain the image (personal or company) and communication with customers. But if you are interested in sales, it is better to choose a page.

Important: you can not promote groups. But the promotion of the page on Facebook is allowed, and all marketing opportunities are opened for account holders.

Types of advertising and its features

Targeting and paid promotion to Facebook are available on both fixed and mobile devices. People are increasingly using portable gadgets to access the Internet. Placement of advertising is an essential factor for the success of the campaign. After all, it is important that the ad is noticed.

Developers offer several options:

on the block on the right on the computer screen (contextual advertising on Facebook);
at the user's news line;
on the mobile application.

Each format has its own peculiarities, what experts of our Internet agency thoroughly understand. If you want to order advertising, contact us - we will study the question and develop the necessary strategy for you. Prices are calculated individually.

The main focus on social networks is on visual content. A quality picture / video and a call to action is something that works flawlessly. Customization of advertising and its price also depends on the selected type. The most promising for promotion in the news line are such promo-posts:

Video post.
Photo post.
Offer-post or advertisement-offer.
Advertising events (Facebook events).
Local advertising (for a local audience in one area / region).
The ring gallery is a promo post, in which several photo / video items are displayed (up to 10). Images can be referenced.

The promotion of business on Facebook will be effective through retargeting. This is a display of promo posts to users who have visited your site at least once. Plus from retargeting - an increase in the sale of goods / services. After all, advertising is shown both to those who have already bought, and those who only looked closely, intending to buy.

How much does the promotion cost?

The cost of advertising on Facebook depends on the tasks that need to be addressed and the services you select. You can also advertise business on topic pages.

You are interested in the promotion of the page on Facebook and the price, but you do not know where to start? Our SMM-specialists are ready to help you! We offer a full package of services:

fill the page with interesting content;
determine the target audience;
develop the design of a public page;
interact with TA (polls, competitions, reviews);
create high-quality promo posts;
setting up targeted ads;
monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

We know how to work with an audience on social networks to increase brand awareness, increase the number of sales on the site and make your business even more successful.