Usability-audit - check the site for interaction errors

Why conduct website usability-audit

Evaluation of the site usability is one of the important sources of improving behavioral factors. Ordering usability-audit, you will receive a full report on the site usability at all stages of interaction: from simple visits, to the use of filters and order forms. It seems, the most trifle can raise the attendance of the resource by an average of 2%. And such "trifles" can be collected to 20%. To find and neutralize them you can order an assessment of usability.

The price for the service is 450 USD. Deadline 3-5 working days.
The service is free in the package: "Promotion of a young site" and "Comprehensive promotion"

The results of our clients:



increased advertising effectiveness




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Accessibility and usability audits of website

Usability-site audit

Usability is one of the important indicators of the resource effectiveness on the Internet. This parameter is responsible for the user's interaction with your project. On average, a visitor can estimate in 3 seconds: the site is interesting and convenient for him or he will go further to search for a more suitable option among your competitors. Besides today still high rate of refusals for commercial projects create poorly thought out or completely not fulfilled pages of orders, baskets and the goods. To identify and eliminate decreasing relevance of the resource indicators you can conduct usability testing.

Disturbing "symptoms"

Commercial services, online stores, trading platforms - everything that requires direct interaction with the user, may show a reduced relevance or sharply deteriorating conversion percent. If the preliminary analysis and evaluation of the resource did not reveal the reasons for the deterioration of positions and the decline in orders - it's time to think about usability-audit of the site.

Also, this service is relevant for resources that want to increase their sales and need recommendations for improving user interaction. In combination with commercial analysis, you can create a real strategy for successfully increasing sales and promotion of young and experienced Internet projects.

So, the main symptoms that require audit usability:

a sharp decrease in the number of orders per week / month of the norm;
reduce the number of targeted actions: visitors do not register, do not fill out the form, do not call, etc.
deterioration of behavioral factors (time spent on pages, viewing depth, etc.);
changes for the worse side of the conversion indicators after the redesign and the introduction of program edits.

If any of the items is your situation, then it's time to order an analysis of site usability.

Stages of analysis

The main task of the audit is to identify obstacles to the normal interaction of visitors with the interfaces of the web-system. Estimation of site usability provides work with the resource generally and for each landing page separately.

In general, the project is evaluated according to the basic usability standards. The checklist depends on the type of resource and its volume. For example, for the online store and Landing Page, various requirements are applied in the evaluation. However, in general, this all leads to one goal - improving the usability of the site. To do this, we evaluate:

in the presence of adaptive layout - its correct display on various resources and devices;
availability of information, quality of content;
functionality and use of navigation menus;
correctness of the basket, order forms and registration, additional functionality.

Problems with the indicators of the project or the desire to increase the conversion is an occasion to order an audit of site usability. With it you can identify serious problems with user interaction, get recommendations.

Proposal from WebCoreLab

For more than 7 years of conducting various audits, we can say with confidence - it works. Evaluation of the indicators of resource convenience, conciseness and simplicity in interaction with the user are key aspects of improving the relevance of the project. Even complex ideas can be realized through a clear interface, if you contact the specialists in advance.

WebCoreLab - agency full cycle of creating and promoting web resources. Our employees have an average of 6 years of experience in the SEO field. Usability testing of the site takes place not only through an SEO specialist, web designers, a web-developer, a marketer and an evaluation target group also participate in the process, which will help us determine the key requirements and expectations of your customers.

The cost of the service is formed from the amount of work and the required time. For minimal payment you can order usability audit from freelancers, but this "simple" often leads to an appeal to us for the service of re-evaluation and analysis of usability.