what kind of service and what services provide


It would seem: the project is started, the traffic is on - the goal is achieved. But this is only the first stage of the project's development on the World Wide Web. Next is the daily work to promote and improve its effectiveness. Stable profit is regular work on the project. And the technical support of the site plays an important role in this, ensuring an accessible and high-quality operation of the resource.

Types of work performed within the framework of technical support services for each of the tariffs

What is included in the




WebCoreLab helps to select suitable hosting for customers, set up a resource on it, and also responds promptly in case of unforeseen malfunctions. Timely solution to your problems.



Selection, registration or renewal.


CMS (management system)

In case of incorrect functioning, due to accidental oversight of your employee, due to internal troubles in the admin panel or any other problem that arises that interferes with the work and creates errors, the technical support service of the site will help to eliminate bugs, malfunctions and breakdowns quickly, accurately and reliably.



Unfortunately, projects on the Internet are subject to virus attacks, hacking, placement of third-party scripts, tricks of intruders. All this affects the download speed, displaying in the search result, the appearance of a warning about the questionable operation of the resource and recommendations not to visit it (which is very critical for commercial projects). Our specialists will provide effective assistance in solving all security problems.



This is an important component of accessing various functions of the resource, as well as creating mail with a domain name.



To prevent unforeseen situations with loss of data, as well as the termination of the hoster - we create an additional copy of your resource with the possible its re-placement.



Services to support the site include tracking: the availability of the resource on the Internet, hosting restrictions, broken links, testing of contact forms. The main functionality is under constant control.



The important quality of maintenance and support is an affordable connection and prompt resolution of any issues or problems that may arise.



Our experts provide an optimal set of measures aimed at the effective continuous operation of the Internet platform, as well as its support during SEO.

Advantages of cooperation with



your manager: for your resource fixed permanent specialist who will advise and solve problems of a technical nature;


cost of maintaining a site per month - cheaper than hiring an employee in the state;


constant monitoring allows you to avoid risks during SEO;


wide staff of qualified employees - whatever problem arises, we will help you solve it


prompt elimination of errors and malfunctions during working hours (the solution of critical problems is realized outside the workplace);


we have more than 18 years of experience in the development and maintenance of sites.

We develop websites that work faster and provide excellent user experience on any device: mobile phones, tablets or personal computers.



The role of technical support in the development of your project

Many resource owners once again underestimate the importance of technical support simply because they do not understand their responsibilities and the situations in which they may be needed. Unfortunately, the Internet system is huge, some parts of which can fail. Be it a problem with the server, hosting or even viruses - they are all solved by specialists. And if you do not have one in the state, you do not need to hire personnel to do this - you can conclude an agreement with a suitable company and remain under the reliable supervision of experienced IT specialists.

Technical support of the site by WebCoreLab specialists: features and advantages

For our customers, we offer 3 packages of services with a monthly payment. You can see the services that they include, including the prices for each of the tariffs on this page. The cost of maintaining the site in a month is formed based on the additional parameters that are prescribed in the tariffs. You do not buy a "cat in a poke", but get a specialist assigned to your project. Professional support and solving of problems will be available for you during working hours.

Support and maintenance of the site is possible on almost all currently available CMS: WordPress, Joomla !, Bitrix, Drupal, UMI and so on. We have experience in servicing different

engines, so we can help you!

When to order a service

Support the work of the site is needed even at the stage of creating a resource. Search and conclusion of a contract with a suitable hosting and domain is the foundation for the stable functioning of the future project. We initially recommend clients to order support of the site - thus, it will be possible to avoid unforeseen problems in the work of the resource, to prevent the activity of scammers, the spread of the virus and the fall in the rating and the credibility of the project.

This service will be needed both for newly created projects, and for those who came for SEO-promotion. You will always have the opportunity to contact online or call a manager and remotely solve all technical issues.

Advantages of cooperation with WebCoreLab

your manager: your resource is assigned to a permanent specialist who will advise and solve problems of a technical nature;
the cost of maintaining the site in a month - at an adequate price, rather than hiring an employee in the state;
Continuous monitoring avoids risks during SEO optimization;
prompt elimination of errors and malfunctions during working hours (the solution of critical problems is realized outside the working one);
wide staff of qualified employees - whatever problem arises, we will help you solve it.