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LinkedIn - a social network, designed to find business partners, establish useful links, the selection of professional employees. Unlike popular social networks like Facebook, Linkedin is created for a serious working audience that can and wants to share professional experience and discuss working topics in groups. And this is the most important advantage of this site.



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Promotion and advertising in LinkedIn for serious business

LinkedIn - your virtual dossier. This largest business social network is ideal for establishing business contacts all over the world. Here, users do not have fun, but solve important questions and look for partners or employees. Initially, on Linkedin people simply posted information about themselves as a skilled worker in one or another sphere. In this social network, not only a specific user can register, but also a company. SMM-marketers, who are now actively working on all social sites, also use LinkedIn promotion for companies and brands. About all the nuances of advertising on.

B2B - business to business

LinkedIn users are representatives of more than 200 countries. If your company provides services or products for any business area, advertising on LinkedIn is an important tool for reaching a new level.

For example, you develop software to organize or monitor the work of staff. It will be interesting to learn about this product both the leaders of large corporations and representatives of small business - they are your potential customers. The audience of LinkedIn is:

more than 400 million users in the world and 24 languages ​​for communication;
representatives of 150 business branches;
age - 18-55 years;
56% of the audience are men.

Among users, mostly people with medium and high income. Linkedin for them is not a playground for entertainment and recreation, like other social networks. Here professional information comes first.

Promotion of the company on LinkedIn can not be built by analogy with other platforms, primarily because explicit (aggressive) advertising on this network is not welcome. SMM-specialists of our Internet agency can not only create a page for your company or brand, but also competently build an advertising campaign. You need an account if you need:

to enter the world markets;
find foreign partners;
increase brand awareness;
inform about new products and developments;
to find highly specialized specialists;
establish contacts with colleagues from their industry;
track global trends in your field.

You can be aware of the news of your competitors with the help of this network. This is another opportunity to be one step ahead of business rivals.

Specificity of the network

Each new user registers his profile, similar to an electronic resume, indicating the professional skills, experience and achievements. Network also offers the option of creating a regular and paid (premium) account with advanced features, which is useful for business. For companies and brands, the promotion of LinkedIn through the creation of:

personal page (leader / expert);
account of the company / brand;
showcase pages;

We will determine which format of promotion you need. What is better to use on the pages, and what about the communities? Expert discussions, consultations with colleagues and partners, publication of materials related to your business niche.

Order the service "Promotion on LinkedIn", and we use all opportunities of business social network for promotion of the brand, expanding the audience and establishing new professional ties. The peculiarity of this network is several levels of contacts:

Colleagues, friends, acquaintances who are already registered in the network.
Contacts that can be imported from the business / personal email address book.
“Friends of friends” and everyone else. You can make contact with an unknown user on the recommendation of mutual friends.

Linkedin protects its users from spam and often blocks "too" active senders of applications into friends without common links. Our SMM specialists know about all these nuances.

The main thing

How can you use this social network for advertising? Promotion on LinkedIn is not only a link to your website, where products or services are described in detail. For business developers offer special features:

Additional pages-showcases (showcase pages). In these showcases you can display goods and advertise services, divide them into groups or rulers. Such advertising on LinkedIn allows you to select a specific audience for each showcase separately. You can do this not only by the usual parameters (gender, age, location), but also to specify a particular industry or a list of companies that will be shown your proposal.
Contextual advertising is an effective way to promote a brand or product even on a business social site.
Sponsored updates are posts that will be seen not only by friends (subscribers) in the stream, but also by all users from the target audience.
Advertising through the InMail service allows you to send messages even to those with whom a contact is not established. The letter is delivered when the user is online.

Your message will be accurately viewed and not lost among others. And advertisements can be published in different languages ​​depending on the audience chosen. In all these subtleties, our SMM specialists are easy to understand.

Internet agency WebCoreLab offers you an integrated approach:

analysis of the target audience;
creating an account / group;
filling with quality content;
development and writing of advertisements / posts;
placement and monitoring of advertising effectiveness.

Contact us, and LinkedIn will become for you a new business platform.

Promotion of the group and the account, the page-display and ads - we will find the right solution and develop the strategy for you!