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How to effectively manage a large company without using a CRM system? It is very difficult. The modern market offers many CRM-solutions, adapted to different industries and business sizes. Why is it worthwhile to choose a CRM, developed individually for your company?

What to consider when




Time is money. Employees should not waste time looking for the right section or information, important documents should be at hand. CRM users should also be comfortable creating reports, communicating with each other and with customers directly in the system.
"CRM should have a friendly interface, be accessible from any device and provide opportunities for reporting." - Susan Connor, president and manager of CRM strategies, SquareBlue Consulting.



Depending on the size and specifics of the business, the functions of the CRM system and the set of technologies with which it will be implemented will vary. Creating a CRM for a construction company, we chose a modern, reliable Symfony2 framework. Also used RESTful API for easy scalability and Ember.js - applications on this framework are easy to expand and maintain. The CRM project was created on the principle of Single Page Application - this allowed creating a rich user interface and at times reducing the response time - SPA applications do not require a page reload when updating data, plus they can work offline with realtime elements.



Your future CRM system should be flexible enough to allow you to change the settings for a specific process. Also, it is worthwhile to think in advance of the scalability of the system so that it can grow with your company, and there is no need for a new solution.
"Perfect CRM is intuitive, yet flexible enough to allow easy management of leads and automation of work with each client." - Kenny Klein, Managing Partner of JAKK Solutions.



We support the growing number of visitors, user accounts, directory entries and transaction volumes at the architectural design stage. We focus on multi-level development of web projects and database optimization.



CRM will store important data: customer databases, transaction information, reports, employee productivity, etc. The CRM system must be designed so that the data is protected from outside interference. It is also worth taking care of the access levels for different groups of employees.
Define the goals and objectives of the CRM system
Perhaps the main goal of implementing CRM is to attract new customers and optimize work processes within the company. Tasks can vary, depending on the specifics of the industry. We list the most common tasks:

Tracking leads and their activity;
maintenance of the customer base;
optimization of work with clients;
organization of business operations;
management of relationships within teams;
optimization of joint work of different departments;
increase in labor productivity.

A careful analysis of goals and objectives, as well as prioritization, will help design a CRM system with the optimal set of functions.



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Why is it necessary to order a custom CRM

In the world there are many ready-made CRM-systems for automation of processes in different sizes companies. One of the most popular systems of 2016 - SalesForce, is available in more than 20 configurations - these are ready-made solutions for banks, hospitals, sales automation, etc. Despite the rich functionality of CRM, large customers of SalesForce use several solutions to meet the needs of their company. Aston Martin, for example, uses four products: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce1 Mobile App and Chatter. Only operation of the Sales Cloud for enterprise services costs $ 160- $ 320 per user per month.

Qualitative ready-made CRM solutions are expensive, and most often your company does not need the entire set of functions provided. The cost of creating custom CRM is also not small, however, in case of individual development, you pay for the functions necessary for your company. Plus, employees do not have to spend a lot of time developing the product, because CRM will initially be created under the workflow already established in the company.

For example, creating a CRM system for a construction company, we designed a solution in which not only the functionality, but also the color scale, the names of the sections, even the typography were adjusted to the specifics of the customer's work. We took into account that in the service interface numbers and small signatures are often used, so the choice of font was determined by a good display of figures and readability of small text.

A careful analysis of goals and objectives, as well as prioritization, will help design a CRM system with the optimal set of functions.


Why it is worth developing a mobile application for the CRM

If for interaction within the team, the web version of the service can still be enough, then when working with clients, a mobile application for CRM is necessary as air. On a business trip, on the road, even at negotiations - access to the system will provide an opportunity to constantly be in touch, to have at hand the necessary information and promptly make changes.

It is extremely important that the application works correctly and does not crash at an important moment, so we do not recommend using cross-platform development. A native application for Android or iOS, although it will cost more, will be a reliable addition to the web version of CRM and will help to further improve the efficiency of automation work.

Determine the MVP for the MRC
The scope of the CRM system can be divided into two areas:

Interaction with customers

Basically, it includes telephone calls, Email-correspondence, newsletters and meetings. The first three tasks need to be automated to form a history of relationships with customers. The minimum set of functions for the direction:

integration with telephony, e-mail and sms services
base of customers, addresses, phones with a convenient filter
the ability to track customer relationships
the ability to generate reports on working with customers
calendar with built-in notifications, for entering information on future meetings

Interaction between employees

The CRM-system should provide employees with the opportunity to allocate working hours and plan the future load. Also, the manager should be able to control the workload and efficiency of subordinates. Consequently, the minimum set of functions for the direction:

Access levels for different categories of employees
calendar with built-in notifications so that the manager can notify the news of subordinates
the possibility of setting and controlling tasks
the ability to attach files to a task
communication within the task
Readiness of the task and its priority
generating reports for downloading

Depending on the specifics and size of the business, you may need many more opportunities. Creation of a CRM system that will help automate the work of the company and bring the business to a new level will require significant financial and time costs. However, the result is payback in a relatively short time - statistics show that the introduction of CRM improves sales efficiency to 29%.

The developers of WebCoreLab have great experience in creating technically complex solutions for large companies. Write to us to share your idea. We will gladly answer all your questions and help you realize your dream project!