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YouTube - video hosting, where everyone can place, store and share video files. This is the largest and most popular project of its kind. All eminent companies and beginning businessmen add their channels with thematic materials, which always find their target audience, increase interest in the project and products.



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How to use YouTube for your business marketing?

Promote and promote your channel on YouTube

Advertising on TV is not surprise. Often it is expensive for the customer and annoying for the viewer, so most of us switch to another channel or just turn off the sound. In the era of the Internet and 3G, to promote their products or brand is much more effective online. There are a lot of tools for this. For example, advertising YouTube-channel.

We will consider the advantages of one of the main competitors of television on the field of business promotion and try to determine:

what is the audience for video hosting?
what is better to promote - brands or goods;
what are the ways of advertising the business.

And one more important aspect - the cost of promoting the channel on YouTube.


Who's watching

Billions of views are made daily on the site. And among them not only animals or sensations are popular, but also video tips, novelties of brands and product reviews. YouTube says that its audience is almost one third of all Internet users:

more than a billion people in the world;
average age of users - 24-60 years;
You can use 95% of YouTube viewers in a language that is native to them;
57% buy the product after viewing the advertisement or review on Youtube;

As can be seen, the audience of Youtube are active users, and what is important for business is solvent. Therefore, if your company does not yet use the marketing capabilities of this service, it's time to think about creating and promoting the YouTube channel.


What to promote

Youtube is a perfect platform for the presentation of your suggestions and ideas. Qualitatively filmed and filed video allows you to declare yourself, show the goods and induce the desire to buy it. On the video you can demonstrate the products and immediately inform the user about the cost, delivery or discount. And even instantly get feedback in the form of likes / dislays and comments.

You can advertise on this service all:

household appliances;
the property;
building materials and services;
Banking services;
cars and related products;
clothes and shoes;
fitness products.

And this list can be continued. The main thing is to attract attention with a unique offer and take your niche. After all, competition is great enough. Promoting the channel on Youtube requires a competent system approach. One or two videos are unlikely to bring you a lot of views or bring new customers.

We offer you video marketing, which will precisely solve the necessary tasks for business promotion. Here are the main advantages of video hosting:

the price of advertising on Youtube is lower than on TV;
availability 24 hours anywhere in the world;
Targeting - customization for a specific target audience;
mobility - half the audience watches videos on mobile devices;
internationality - the ability to add subtitles in different languages ​​for foreign customers;
the opportunity to increase the position when issuing in search queries, since YouTube belongs to Google;
interactive with consumers - tracking the reaction to a product, brand or service.

With the help of promotion on this service you can not only increase the recognition of your brand, but also attract a completely new audience. This is a good help when promoting an online store in search engines, promotion of business on the Internet. You can order advertising right now by contacting our managers. The cost is calculated individually for each customer.

Ways to advertise for business

Promotion on YouTube is possible in several ways:

channel brand or company with videos;
contextual advertising (banners);
Overlay (overlay) - displayed at the bottom of the player window during video playback;
promotion of clips on other channels (with the help of popular videologgers);
pre-, mid- and postroles (short clips before, in the middle or after the main video).

Each of these options has its own characteristics. Experts of the online agency WebCoreLab are ready to develop the right promotion strategy and choose the method most beneficial to you. The price of advertising will depend on the type of services that you order.


Promotion Features

Paid promotion of the channel on YouTube has its own specifics. We offer the most effective ways to promote the channel for business:

Correct definition of the target audience.
The implementation of keywords in the headlines, description and tags of the videos.
Placing links / videos on your pages on social networks.
PR with the help of popular videoblogers.
Placement of links in thematic blogs and forums.
Advertising through email-posting.
Paid advertising within the YouTube itself.

Important: The video on the business channel should appear regularly. Otherwise, there will be nothing to maintain the interest of users (customers). According to statistics, people are more likely to subscribe to the channel on which new content is constantly appearing.

Now many sites offer the service "Promotion of YouTube channel for money", and most of them promise a large number of subscribers. But in fact, for the successful promotion of business, it is important the number of views under the videos and how fast the video is gaining popularity among users. By these criteria YouTube selects content to the "In trend" section.

The service "Promotion of videos on Youtube" and the promotion of the channel for business from WebCoreLab is an honest promotion, aimed at the result for you! Our specialists will help you:

increase brand awareness;
attract a new audience;
increase the number of sales.

The cost of our services we expect for each customer individually. Call us or order a call back.

We will find the right solution for your business!