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The most popular microblogging on the Internet
Twitter is called a microblog for its social activity on pages in real time. 500 million fans of the social network visit the resource every day, which makes it an effective marketing platform for business and brand promotion. Due to its universal orientation, Twitter is suitable for all companies and narrow profile projects.



Improving the reputation of the company outside the site


Formation of a loyal interested audience


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Advices how to use Twitter pages for business tips

Promotion and advertisement of an account on Twitter

This social network initially positioned itself as a microblogging. The main feature is fast and short posts, no more than 280 characters in length. Everything in the world that happens in real time can be found on the open spaces of Twitter. However, now the creators of the network are actively introducing more and more opportunities for advertising: they have launched business accounts for companies and brands. But what is the promotion on Twitter is different from other social networks, and what is interesting to its inhabitants?

Operative, short, profitable

313 million active users per month - this figure was published on Twitter. It is noteworthy that many world politicians, show business stars and public figures have their own accounts. The number of their subscribers reaches 90 million people! To omit such an audience would be wrong. Who uses Twitter:

more than 60% of users are English-speaking, so advertising on Twitter will be beneficial for companies that want to enter the world markets;
Among the Runet there are 12 million people;

men are more than women;
the age of the audience is 18-45 years.

Most users are business people who come in to find information or read news. Therefore, promotion through Twitter should be built taking into account this feature. Experts of our Internet agency will develop an effective strategy and quality content for microblogging your company or brand. You can order these services by contacting our managers.

Tweets, hashtags and other tips

If on Facebook is all friends, then on Twitter they are followers. The user who subscribed to you will automatically see everything that you publish (tweets) in your stream and can share it with your followers. Such a virtual buzz marketing.

Promotion on Twitter is a way to expand your audience and get new customers in just a few minutes. To do this, you need to use all the features:

hashtags #. Will serve for business in an effective way to propiate a new product / service, to present the brand;
@ - for identification. The @ symbol starts with your unique name (company / brand name), where customers will find you on the network and will mention in their tweets;
retweets and quotes;
photos and videos Live - media files in real time.

Important for business: the ability to respond quickly to messages and mentions. For example, to answer a client's question or a response, because you know how is important feedback to consumers.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Such a talent is possessed by SMM-specialists WebCoreLab. Promotion of a Twitter account is a delicate matter. It is necessary not only to store interesting content in 280 characters, to attract followers, but also to subscribe to useful pages. These can be business partners, accounts with related products / services, users who have a large number of subscribers.

Major brands use microblogging in order for subscribers to switch to their web resource and there they could already buy or order the product they liked. The limited size of tweets allows you to intrigue the subscriber, "hook" the view and follow the link to your site.

For business people this is the appropriate format - quickly and conveniently. Even better, if the tweet contains a quality photo or picture - visualization works on a psychological level.

The promotion services on Twitter can include the integration into your site of the buttons "Read on Twitter" and "Retweet", you can also insert a blog from the account on the site. The cost is calculated based on the wishes and the minimum budget of the advertising campaign, which we will develop specifically for you!


Your business on Twitter

Global business giants such as Samsung, McDonald's, Toyota despite the huge customer base, do not neglect the opportunities of microblogging. Advertising on Twitter is not an aggressive impact on the customer, but a way to interact with it through published content. On this social network, effectively inform customers about:

competitions for retweets;
promotions / discounts;
and even about force majeure.

This is an additional channel of communication with consumers. We have already determined that the promotion on Twitter is needed for branding, communication with the audience and promotion of goods / services. Developers of this network offer 3 ways to do it:

Promoted tweet - an advertising tweet (with an appropriate notation) is additionally demonstrated in the tapes of all your followers.
Promoted account - showing your account in the Who to follow block as a recommendation for the subscription. Attracts new followers.
Promoted trend is a tweeted advertisement by showing your brand name in the trends. Trends of the day (current and popular topics) is a selection of hashtags and "keys", which were most often used on the network for the day.

By the way, tweets with "#" are 2 times more effective than without them. Thanks to the unique hashtag, information about the brand will spread not only among your subscribers, but also among a completely new audience.

We offer
WebCoreLab offers you a comprehensive SMM-approach.

We will study the target audience, create and fill with high-quality content account and make your brand more recognizable on the Internet. And you will see real results of the advertising campaign in 2 months. The price of the "Promotion on Twitter" service is calculated individually. Call us or order a call back, and we'll discuss the details.