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Withdrawal of search engine sanctions, site withdrawal from ban

When strange things happen to the site: the positions jump to the "0" mark, the pages fly out of the index and no longer return to their previous positions, and the keywords with the TOP-10 dropped to -101 - most likely your resource was pessimized. One or several official (or unofficial) filters Google have caused sharp changes for the worse. But everything is fixable. The main thing is to ask for help in time. The service of removal of sanctions from the SEO-studio WebCoreLab in the shortest time will help to withdraw the site from the filters of Google.

The price for the service is discussed individually depending on the filter
this service is free in the package: "Promotion of a young site" and "Comprehensive promotion"



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Symptoms of pessimizing the site

  • Sharp traffic reduction
  • Mass loss of site pages from the index
  • Loss of positions by keywords
  • Zero TIC
  • New pages do not fall into the index
  • Letter-warning about the application of manual sanctions to the site at the post office

Google Sanctions

  • Filter "Panda"
  • Filter "Penguin"
  • The filter for cheating behavioral factors
  • Filters accepted manually (for the use of purchased links)



Site diagnostics: conducting SEO-audit.


Analysis of the consequences and causes of the application of the filter.


Elimination of the pessimism causes.


Develop a strategy for returning the site to its previous positions.


Works on optimizing the site and restoring its previous position.


Recommendations of preventing re-entry under the filters.



We will output your site from Google penalties list

The withdrawal of the site from the Google filters

Do you have your own website, which was recently in the first positions with the relevant search engine requests, and today it was thrown back a few pages ago? One of the reasons could be its pessimism. In this case, the resource needs urgent "treatment". And as a magic pill will output the site from under the filter.

A starting point

The site under the filter "Google" can be for various reasons. Mainly:

Non-unique content. The problem will always be relevant, so you need to make sure that the text information on your site is as unique as possible.
A lot of spam. No wonder they say: "It's too much, it's not sensible." An inflated number of keywords in the text can cause quite the wrong reaction that you expected. So the site will be under the filter in 9 cases out of 10.
Advertising. Or rather - its excessive amount. For example, if a visitor has to search for information from pop-up windows, the search engine will react negatively.
Satellite websites. They are created to promote the main resource. At competent work all sites are indexed simultaneously. Then search engines do not have claims. In another case, be ready for pessimism.
Poor quality of the site. Liveliness, regular updates - this is an indispensable condition for its high position.
Work of competitors. Site can be cracked, received viruses or Dos-attack. Then it may be in disgrace.

If your site gets under the filter of "Google", to bring it back to the first positions, it will take time and patience. It is necessary to carefully study all the requirements of search engines to sites, conduct a detailed analysis, eliminate the identified violations. Often the owners of resources have to prove to the moderator that the site should be in the TOP. To do this, you need to completely change the resource, improve it, communicate with representatives of search engines directly.

It is clear that the optimal solution is not to bring the site to such a state. But if it happened and you need to get it out of the filter, you better entrust this matter to professionals. On this way you can restore positions as quickly as possible.

Why should I overpay

The issue of payment for many plays a big role. So the withdrawal of the site from under the filter Google alone - is not uncommon. At the same time, this does not give you any guarantee of success. On the Internet, a lot of benefits and recommendations, how can this be done, but to get into all the subtleties, you need to work with the search engines for more than one year.

SEO specialists will save your money:


Why do we talk about it so directly? Because we know how many resources require the withdrawal of the site from under the filter, especially if it is Google. Specialists make a comprehensive audit of the site, pay attention to all the details, ease of usability, remove all unnecessary links, give recommendations on optimizing the content, or they themselves improve it.

What's the point?
To understand why the profit-making company a week ago is rapidly losing ground, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of it. Only then you can start output from under the Google filter.

Let's start with the fact that pessimization can be automatic and manual. In the first case, you get to the "black list" by the will of the system itself, in the second - because the moderator decided so. And in any of them you will have to treat the site from pessimism.

The main purpose of the delivery of such a "yellow card" is the maximum benefit for the user when creating the issue. Accordingly, the first place is placed resources, which most correspond to the user's request and give him a maximum of necessary and useful information.

The search engine regularly scans pages of all sites using a certain analysis algorithm. If you overdo with optimization, you can "earn" a coefficient, according to which the resource will lose its position on key queries. Accordingly, its attendance and your profit will fall.

The reason for manual pessimization is complaints (abuzes) that you receive. After considering all requests for blocking, the moderator makes a decision in favor of one of the parties.

What will the application in WebCoreLab give me?

The agency has been creating sites for more than 17 years. We know all the subtleties and closely monitor what is happening in the world of IT technologies. Submit an application, and the withdrawal of the site from the filter does not take much time.

WebCoreLab is:

over 600 completed projects;
more than 50 CEO-specialists;
high speed of work;
integrated strategy;
reasonable cost;
guaranteed return to the TOP.

The withdrawal of the site from Penguin or another search engine filter should not be your headache. Entrust this to WebCoreLab. We use only "white" optimization methods. If you follow the recommendations of our experts in the future, the withdrawal of the site from the filter "Google" you will not need. In order to avoid such problems in the search results in the future, order the SEO promotion service. Specialists of our agency will promote the position of the resource and make sure that the site is always in the trust zone of Google.