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Double promotion efficiency: Google loyalty and brand awareness
Google+ is a young and fast-growing social network on the Internet. Launched in late 2011 for today, it already has about 2 billion created profiles. By the popularity of Google + on 4 place, second only to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The company's page in this social network not only affects the popularity among users, but is also encouraged by the search engine in SEO.



Improving the reputation of the company outside the site


Formation of a loyal interested audience


Increase brand awareness on the network


Attract potential buyers



Advices how to use Google+ pages for business tips

Promotion and popularization of a page on Google+

If you still did not know, then there is also Google+ besides Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The social network appeared on the Internet in 2011. This is not the first attempt of one of the largest search engines in the world to launch its social platform. But already spoiled by different social networks users are not so simple to surprise. At this time, the developers of G + created "Circles", for which you can distribute your communication, launched the button "+1" - the analogue of "like". But we are wondering, is it possible to promote Google Plus in business and is it profitable for companies?

What is G +

Only for a year of existence the audience of the network numbered already more than 400 million people. Most often, users conduct or read blogs and share colorful photos. Google Plus has its differences from other social platforms.

Features of Google Plus:

Circles - for the convenience of communication in the categories "Friends", "Familiar", "Work", etc. It can be many Circles.
Collections are saved posts (photo, video, text content) for certain topics.
Communities are already familiar groups of interests.
The "+1" button is an indicator of how many people "flush" under the published post. The same button can be integrated into an external website.

All this functionality can and should be used to increase brand awareness and maintain the image.

Pros for Business

Promotion in Google Plus for companies, organizations and even personalities is possible through the creation of so-called + pages. The advantages are:

increasing the position of the company or brand in the search issue of "Google";
Hangouts for chatting or video chatting with customers and partners;
access to real email addresses where users are registered. Convenient for setting up mailing;
integrated calendar for creating events;
Connection of G+ with YouTube.

In addition, the pageo G + provides already familiar on other social networking opportunities for promotion, such as:

placement of interesting content for users;
insert links to your web property;
attraction of additional audience to the site;
community building;
Tracking customer / customer feedback (using the +1 button).

But the main plus is that your Google+ page will appear much higher in search results in Google itself. And many business representatives are ready to compete for these places!

Chance to get into TOP

If you want to overtake your competitors and be in the TOP of the results of one of the most popular search engines in the world, you need to create a corporate account.

+ Pages business representatives use more often to increase brand awareness than for sales. This is directly related to the fact that the pages from its social network "Google" excellently indexes and places them above the rest when issuing search results. It also takes into account the number of reposts and "pluses" under the publications on your page. Why not use this to promote your brand / product and help promote the site on Google?


Move right direction

It's not enough just to create a corporate account on this network. To the page on "Google +" does not turn into a boring repository of links to the main site of the company, you need:

daily support the interest of their subscribers;
attract a new audience;
share with them the company's news;
publish photos / videos;
Respond to feedback about your products / services.

SEO and SMM-specialists of WebCoreLab will help you in this. The cost of promotion on Google Plus will be calculated based on the selected services. We know how to improve the position of your business on Google search engine results using the Google+ page. For this we offer:

definition of the target audience;
monitoring user activity;
optimization of information on the company page;
creation of a community of interests for communication of clients;
Filling of links to articles on your site;
creation of buttons G + on the panel to other social networks and "+1" for different materials on the site.

Competent promotion in Google Plus will help you be in the TOP of issuing one of the largest search engines and better to know your customers.

The peculiarity of G + is that it is impossible to advertise directly in this network. Therefore, experts on WebCoreLab will take care of what content can be placed on the page or in the community, how to publish posts from other social networks and how to link your site and account. The cost of promotion on Google Plus is calculated individually for each customer.

Additional G +

+ page represents your company or brand in all Google services, for example, on maps. With the tool "My Business" you can put the company on the map and add to the location a work schedule, contacts, a link to the website. This will help customers find you faster.

Especially profitable this development will be for local business (focused on a district, city, region). Why? Because the possibilities of this service will serve for you:

virtual business card;
book reviews;
photo / video gallery.

In such a business card you can show your company "from the inside" with the help of 3D-tour. This function will allow potential customers to see the interior (for example, a restaurant, hotel or fitness club) and evaluate the benefits of your organization.

Contact us, and we use all the possibilities of G + for effective business promotion.

Very soon, the brand will increase its position in search results, and you will see new customers.