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Instagram is a unique social network. Its feature is photos that fast at a rate of 20 billion a day. The main content is photos and videos. Every third smartphone user has an appropriate application on the phone, making it a potential customer for your business.



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Promotion and advertisement of an account on Instagram

Free application for photo sharing continues to conquer the world. Selfies, filters, hashtags have entered the life of modern people in 2010. For 6 years, the iPhone application has become available on Android and even on desktop computers, thus broadening its audience. Visual social platform is an ideal tool for promoting goods and services. After all, the picture is stronger on the human brain than the text. It turns out that everything that can be beautifully photographed and put online, will be sold faster than on store shelves. But it's not so simple.

First you need to analyze:

to whom advertising on Instagram is aimed;
what products should be promoted;
what is the cost of promotion of business in the application.

The answers to these and other questions we will try to give further. So, if you are interested in advancing on Instagram, it is worthwhile to determine if there is a target audience on this network?

Generation of online shoppers

Millenials are people born between 1980 and 2000. At this time in the world there was a surge in the development of computer technology and various gadgets. According to a study by the University of Massachusetts (USA), millenials are more likely and willing to make online purchases more often. Social networks are used for the selection of products,. Instagram is not exception. Visual content in this application attracts more and more people. Here are a few facts about the audience:

500 million users in the world;
57% enter the account at least once a day, and 35% - several times a day;

age from 18 to 30 years;
53% are women, 47% are men.

People are looking for certain brands on Instagram, whose products they want to buy. Therefore, the brand promotion on this social network will be an effective solution.

What is profitable to sell through Instagram?

Promotion on Instagram is very popular among brands and companies.

Promoting an account on Instagram will benefit you if the business is related to:

cosmetics and beauty;
cooking, food, drinks;
handmade goods;
goods for a hobby;
furniture and decor;
children's goods;
real estate.

And many other services or products.

Promotion of an account on Instagram for money is an affordable way to create a virtual shop window. Many beauty salons, stylists and make-up artists, photographers and fitness instructors, leading corporate parties and, of course, artists use an insta-page to promote their services and contact with consumers.

Correct SMM on Instagram will help to expand the client base and sell through this service even building materials or components for cars. You can order an account promotion right now on our website. Managers will answer all the questions of interest: the price of promotion, its timing and effectiveness.

Specificity of social network

Promotion on Instagram is only through the creation of an account, not a group. But this feature does not affect the popularization of your brand. The main thing is that there are a lot of active subscribers on the page. You can attract the attention of instraders with:

optimize your account;
using hashtags;
cross-hosting from other social networks;
mutual folloving;
active exchange of comments and likes with other users;
shares for subscription;
distribution of bonuses for subscription at purchase.

SMM-department specialists of our agency are ready to fulfill these tasks. Promotion of the profile is an excellent tool to turn it into a new business platform.

Another feature of this social network is the regular publication. Here visual content comes first, but in order not to irritate users with advertising posts, they need to be skillfully alternated with entertaining ones.

Ways to promote business

Since 2012, Facebook bought out Instagram, the developers are introducing new features in it that simplify sales. For example, it offers flexible targeting and the transition immediately to the site from the application. And there were buttons:

"Buy now".
"Install" (if this application).
"Learn more" (if the text in the publication is not fully visible).

Therefore nowadays a lot of businesses create Landing page and promote itself with the help of social networks including Instagram.

How do you advertise on Instagram? Since this is photo hosting, the main role here is played by photography. Of course, users give preference to quality pictures, but sometimes a lot of likes and comments collect photos taken "on a quick hand" - here and now, for example, from the presentation of new products.

We offer promotion on Instagram with the help of the most effective ways, such as:

photo posts;
video posts;
Carousel advertising (several photos or videos in one post);
Advertising of an account on pages with a large number of subscribers;
placing links in other social networks;
promotion of the page in thematic public relations;
holding contests among subscribers;
placing links to your website;
tracking user response;
use hashtag.

All these methods will work for you with proper use.

The "Promotion on Instagram" service from WebCoreLab is an integrated approach: from analysis of the target audience, development of the campaign strategy, daily filling with non-commercial content and monitoring of the effectiveness of advertising. The price of our services will be calculated personally for you.

Do not miss the opportunity to use fashion trends in photo hosting in order to promote your business!