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If you are planning to actively promote the future site, order SEO optimization at the stage of its creation. As a result of the work done, after the launch, you will get an optimized "mature" site, ready to attract the target audience from the search engines.

The price of collecting the Semantic core is discussed individually, depending on the type and volume of the niche where the site is being promoted.

The service is free in the package: "Promotion of a young site" and "Comprehensive promotion"


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sites in promotion

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What is different from search engine promotion?

  1. The promotion strategy is prepared in parallel with the design of the site.
  2. Edits to the existing structure and format of the site are made at the design stage.
  3. The site is always ready for optimization and active promotion.
  4. Saving costs for re-optimizing the site in the future.

What is it for?

  1. Get a website, thought out and prepared for further promotion.
  2. Develop a logical and user-friendly structure of the site.
  3. To provide for all the frequent shortcomings that arise when the site is promoted ..
  4. Go to TOP as quickly as possible.
  5. Optimization of spending on SEO - you do not have to pay for changes and edits.

What you get?

  1. Deep study of the site and its thematic niche.
  2. Analysis of competitors and determining the competitive advantages of the future site.
  3. Selection of the semantic core.
  4. Formation of the structure of the site.
  5. Filling with content and writing SEO texts.
  6. Forming a detailed technical tasks with a list of SEO requirements that must be taken into account when creating a new site.


Service only for sites under development?

Yes. At the development stage, you can make all the necessary adjustments, which at the start of the site will ensure effective growth ...

And if the site already functions, can I order this service?

For sites that are already running, there is a service - SEO-promotion.

How much time will it take?

All depends on the site and the stage of development. Edits and recommendations will be made in parallel at all stages of design ...

What will you receive by



Recommendations at all stages of site development


Analysis of competitors and the market


Site structure


The semantic core


Content plan


Additional ideas for business expansion



What is search engine optimization SEO and its cost?

SEO at the stage of website development: one step ahead of competitors

The tips of the 2000s will not pass. Unfortunately the time of trial, error and again tests in online business ended years ago. Today, if with the first test, you didn’t do everything possible to promote the new site on the Internet to become profitable and successful, then from the second time it will be several times more expensive.

Judge for yourself: 1 billion 200 million sites are currently available to all users of the Network. And while you were reading all this - another 3-4 filled up this fairly impressive figure. By 2019, their number is threatening to surpass China in terms of population. And approximately every 4 site will be for commercial use. And how in such conditions of online business to compete?

Why you should think about the promotion of the site even at the development stage

If you are here, probably, you have already heard about SEO. Preparing the site for launch in a successful online swimming without this service is tight. And at first, having created a "delicious" design, choosing a popular CMS, crossing everything with programming, it may seem that the perfect candy turned out, not everyone will be destined to see it. Since Google is still on your sweets, if the meta tags on the site are spelled out according to the principle: "Whatever."

SEO before launching the site allows:

Analysis, formation of structure and semantic core.

Commercial analysis of the site (niches, competitors);
Development of site structure;
Collecting the semantic core.

Technical support.

Making a list of necessary improvements and preparing the site for SEO;
Technical tasks and recommendations for usability;
Monitoring and evaluation of technical amendments implementation.

Content optimization.

Compilation of technical tasks for texts for promoted pages;
Forming meta tags for pages;
Drawing a scheme of internal linking between pages.

Primary optimization - On-page SEO.

Compiling a robots.txt file and sitemaps;
Adding a site to the webmaster and to analytics services;
Other primary optimization activities.

Development of a strategy for increasing the reference mass.

Analysis of the reference profile of competitors;
Calculation of the references number for six months;
Plan compilation - sources for obtaining backlinks.

In general, the optimization of any site is under this scheme. This is allows you to achieve the first results in the optimal time. However, some what is not critical for young sites, for old ones can affect the structure and the whole idea of ​​the project. After all edits on a site that has been floating on the Internet for several years and has overgrown hundreds of pages with goods, will need a number of other improvements and affect the optimization time.
When will be the results and what can be expected

Promotion of young sites at the design stage, allowing to use time effectively after launch. The first results after such work you will see after 2 weeks - a month. Everything will depend on:

the speed of indexing the site;
analysts of the first results;
age of the domain;
sphere of promotion.

You can count on daily targeted traffic coming from Google. Increase in conversion and retries. This, of course, is more effective in conjunction with a good trade offer, usability and site functionality.

There are also factors that can hamper the whole process of optimizing a young site:

delaying with technical corrections, poor-quality implementation of recommendations or completely rejecting them.
age of the domain and its history.

Turning to specialists, you need to understand that they are interested in your success. For WebCoreLab it is primarily a reputation. And if you doubt the need for recommendations to improve the site's position, then be prepared for a less effective growth.

Whom to choose

Deciding to order a site optimization service at the design stage you will ensure the profitability of the online business from the first weeks of its launch. Provided that you contact the specialists in this matter.

Our agency has a good experience on SEO promotion: we know how to make sure that websites find targeted users in an endless Internet space. But not only experience alone we attract customers:

Competitive prices - the cost of promotion of young sites starts from $ 500 - this is normal, compared to our competitors.
Comprehensive approach: WebCoreLab employs specialists from different areas of business development on the Internet, so we can make all edits ourselves.
Guarantee the first results in a month, subject to timely corrections and implementation of recommendations.

Trusting us to optimize your business - you provide it with a powerful start at all stages of development.