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Pinterest is a service that allows users to save their favorite photos in personal albums. For online stores and projects that want to attract a new target audience - this is a major source of potential customers, which additionally "spread" your company's offer among users of Pinterest.



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Advices how to use Pinterest pages for business tips

Pinterest - promotion in pictures

Have you ever in your childhood created a wish board with clippings from magazines or newspapers? Pinterest is a virtual visualization board on which users pin the desired images using the Pin it button. Pinterest is a fairly young social platform, but its audience is over 100 million people, and this figure continues to grow. Marketers all over the world actively use this social network for the promotion of goods and brands. What is profitable to advertise and what is the cost of promotion on Pinterest? About everything in detail further.

Visuals = buyers

The main feature of Pinterest is that users create their own image collections, which are systematized according to topics (boards). Therefore, here is important a quality picture. According to the company Annalect, the text is perceived by the human brain 60 thousand times slower than the visual information. If your product / service is visually attractive, advertising on Pinterest is the right solution.

This social network occupies one of the leading positions in the world in search of information about brands and products that they want to buy online. Facts say:

every 5th user buys the goods, which he fixed on his board on Pinterest;
3 of 5 are going to buy the goods stored on the board;
80% of subscribers are women;
the age of the audience is 24-55 years.

Proceeding from this, promotion on Pinterest is necessary first of all for those whose clients are women. They often buy online. But first things first.

Who needs "pinning"

Promotion on Pinterest is necessary if your business is related to:

cooking / eating;
jewelry / jewelry;
goods for a hobby;
rest and travel;
sports / fitness;
technique for the house.

It is for these topics that users of Pinterest often create boards. Therefore, if in this list there is your business niche, then it is worthwhile to order advertising on Pinterest by contacting our agency.

Pin in one click

How do potential customers add their desired products to their boards? It is very simple - by clicking on the "Save" pin in the social network itself or the "Pin it" button on the site. The photo is automatically saved on the user's board with a link to your web resource, and at any time the customer will be able to quickly return and order what he chose earlier.

Plus the button "Pin it" is also in the fact that this is an additional advertisement for you. After attaching the "pin" to the board, the user automatically demonstrates it to his subscribers. This function is very beneficial for start-up companies, which are still difficult to compete for the first places in the issuance of search engines, and for which the cost of contextual advertising is too expensive.

With the service "Promotion on Pinterest" from our web studio you get a bright and attractive virtual shop window, by which buyers will not pass exactly!

Features for Business

This social network allows you to create a business account with advanced functions for commerce, such as: the price in the description, availability, location and map. And for users you can add the option Follow (except for the button "Pin it") on the site (that is, subscribe to the page of the company or brand).

The cost of advertising on Pinterest depends on the package of services that you want to use, but our SMM-experts recommend together with the launch of advertising on other social networks to configure and account on this platform. So you will reach a wider audience.

As on Instagram, you can put "likes", hashtags, make "repins" (reposts), add video in "Peeper". The difference - the ability to create a group of boards, for example, with your business partners, and with mutual benefit to increase the client base and sales.

If your site has a blog with tips or recommendations, we can add high-quality photos or infographics to it, leaving a link in your business account. Pins-instructions with step-by-step implementation (for example, a recipe for dishes, make-up, training at home) are especially popular.

As you can see, the possibilities of this rather young social network are wide and promising. So do not hesitate and contact the managers of WebCoreLab!

You can order a promotion on Pinterest right now on the site or by calling us.

We develop the best advertising campaigns, which will not get lost on the network.