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Adaptive online store design

What is the adaptive design of the online store? This is the transformation of the potential profit into a real one. Sales of smartphones have long overtaken the number of tablets and laptops, and many use mobile versions of devices to access the Internet. Do you want to keep up with the times? So, the services of adaptive design are exactly what you need.



Up to 11% raise of conversion rate


Formation of a loyal interested audience


Increase brand awareness on the network


Attract potential buyers


Order an adaptive design is not only for those who create their own trading platform. Even a corporate site with such design significantly increases the number of possible customers and partners. Flexible layout is supported on different devices and maintains a correct appearance at any screen resolution. Users do not need to waste extra time and constantly scroll the page.


The design, which adapts to the screen resolution of the device - a real opportunity to improve the rating of its online store in the Google search engine. The company insists that all users receive information in the correct form, regardless of the gadgets used. Those sites that meet the requirements automatically go up in the search engine rankings.


Adaptive version of the site is not only a saving of money, but also an opportunity to receive additional profit. To search for information, people are increasingly using phones (tablets), while PCs, on the contrary, are becoming less and less common. Thanks to the adaptive version of the web resource, your customers will be able to order from any device at a convenient time.



Good adaptive web design for all types devices

Development of an adaptive site

An adaptive online store is not only a saving of money. In addition to the fact that you pay for one version, which itself adapts to any devices, the site also offers other advantages. They concern different spheres, namely:

Promotion. Experts who raise the Internet resource in the ranking of search engines, work with one site. It's easier, faster, and much better.

Usability. The layout of adaptive design is convenient for use on any type of device. Entering the trading platform from a computer or smartphone, the buyer does not need to constantly rebuild under a different interface.

Conversions. The more correct information is displayed on the devices, the more visitors will go to your online store.

Analysts. A single type of report for all types of devices simplifies the process of analyzing the performance of the resource.

The development of adaptive design is gaining momentum today, but not all have time to realize how much it is profitable. The efficiency of this layout is a significant advantage over competitors.


As an alternative to adaptive design is a mobile version of the site or application. If you order a version for a mobile device, as a result we will get a second online store, for which a considerable amount will be spent. Adaptive layout does not require changes to different engines, so the maintenance cost is small, and the process itself does not take much time.


Adaptive design: I need it or not

In order to understand, it is necessary to order adaptive layout or not, you need to do two simple steps:


Analyze the sites of competitors.

Take advantage of Google Analytics.

Having looked through the sites of your direct competitors, you will understand which of them used the services of adaptive layout and adapted their trading platform to different devices. If even a few of them have made a choice toward a changing interface, think about it, and you.


Google Analytics displays a report with data about all the devices from which visitors came to your site. If the number of visits from gadgets exceeds 10% of the total number, then you need an adaptive design.


In some areas, the rate of those who use mobile devices to visit the site may be small. However, there are not so many of them. In most of its attendance the most popular areas of e-commerce is at least 20%.


Foresee who, when and from what device will go to the site of your online store, it is impossible. Order an adaptive design from the studio WebCoreLab and raise your business to the next level!


How much does it cost

The cost of adaptive design is difficult to determine without knowing the details of what you need. To begin with, the client fills in the brief or discusses the details with the manager. Only after this we can tell how much the adaptive layout will cost.


The price depends on:


the number of pages to create;

terms of performance of work;

your preferences.

The more complex the task and the faster it is to be performed, the higher the price of the work.