XPO Logistics

  • CLIENT XPO Logistics
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Task to develope an MVP logistics project with the functionality of its subsequent build-up and scaling.
  • XPO LogisticsXPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO) is a top ten global logistics company. We run our business as one highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets in 32 countries, with over 97,000 employees and 1,505 locations. We use our network to help customers manage their goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains.
  • STORYTELLINGOur task was to develop an MVP logistics project with the functionality of its subsequent build-up and scaling. The service covers a whole range of roles, currently involved in international transport, and provides the following functions: Logists can select drivers for transportation, monitor the movement of goods in real time, communicate with all carriers.
  • RESULTFor the consignor: • every driver and shipper passes verification before becoming a participant in the project; • simple registration; • ease of application; • logisticians can select transport for transportation; • control of each stage of cargo transportation; • the possibility of obtaining a consignment note online; To the carrier: • the cooperation with the shipper is secured by the contract; • it is enough to have free transport available and to respond to the application; • parameters - volume, time and cost are available immediately; • a simple form for the breakdown of applications for voyages; • status and location of vehicles in real time For drivers: • promptly receive information about new shipments with detailed information (tonnage, type of cargo, coordinates); • documents are checked once during registration in the system; • all customers are verified on the carrier side; • maintain a complete voyage history; • assistance and support; • a simple action menu for each stage; • timing and voyage tips.